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The enbloc team

enBloc is a lot of things.

Agile and adaptable, we are a web agency born from the ever growing Founders and Coders alumni community and a creator of open source tools. Working with us will allow you to harness the power of a collective of developers with a variety of backgrounds and strengths.

We bring a passion for innovation to the industry that is rooted in the spirit of collaboration. enBloc is set to impact tech with the motivation of a diverse group of self-starters and the experience and know-how of our parent organisation Founders and Coders

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An incubator for developers

enBloc is a group of Founders and Coders alumni who found their passion through collaboration with early-stage project owners and organisations, bringing ideas to reality.

Our ethos is simple: inspire, collaborate, and grow together. This is reflected in our continued work with Founders and Coders, where we continue to mentor and support the new generation of tech talents. We believe in partnerships, not client lists and our process isn't just about the end product. It's about the shared experience, the collective learning, and the success that comes when we all grow together.

Recent Work


We've paired up with Gatsby to promote and support new initiatives in education.

In support of Gatsby's push for technical education reform we are building a platform to promote T levels while mentoring learners within our own ranks.


Trafalgar Girls, a charity supporting Ukrainian refugees in the UK, needed a dedicated marketplace to allow for the streamlined management of donations within their community.

In response, the Kindly app allows donors and refugees to communicate, provide and receive support as needed.

Cambridge University

In collaboration with researchers at Cambridge University, our team at enBloc had the opportunity to contribute to academic discovery.

In this project we built a bespoke scraper capable of extracting insights from over 8 million archival files.


Discovering independent cinema in London is made easier with Cinesphere.

This tailor-made tool for cinephiles offers information on showings at various independent movie theatres.